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Hinsdale House K2 Holder

Hinsdale House K2 Holder

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This special edition K2 holder is to help raise money for Daniel and Colleen's( Owner of The Hinsdale House Restoration Project) daughter, Shaylee, she has recently been diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a form of cancer that starts in the bones, which has now spread to her lungs. To help the owner of this amazing location out, I have decided to offer the Hinsdale House K2 Holder. As like other K2 holder fundraisers that I have done, they cost $10 with $7.50 of each one going to the Klaes family 

It is always annoying trying to get your EMF reader/K2 to stand up while doing an investigation, well honestly not anymore, you can now get a custom K2 holder with your team's name and logo right on it. Other holders on the market, either are extremely tight so you end up breaking the holder or you cannot customize them. You can customize your design and color with our free in-house design team.  These holders are a little larger so other equipment can be used in them as well.

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